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What are the questions most people have before they visit any new environment, especially a church?

1) What should I wear?

Please wear what you think is right for you.  Please be dressed and dress modestly but dress for you. Our pastor often wears slacks and a polo shirt.  Some men wear ties but most don't.  Some women wear dresses and some wear slacks. Jeans are common, t-shirts too. 

2) Who else will be there?

People from all walks of life. Christians. The searching. The angry.  The hurt. The straight and homosexual.  The married, divorced, and single. Those with kids and those without. We are sinners, hypocrits, gossips, and ex-cons. Adulterers? Sure. Liars? Yup. Overweight and underweight. Unchurched and de-churched and those trying to re-church. Those with Bibles in toe and those without. 

It isn't where we have been but where we are looking to go and who we are striving to become. Your story is unique but it will fit right in.

3) What about the music you sing?

Music is an important part of our faith. It is a gift from God. Each church has a unique style. Some churches are the choir swaying, organ playing type. That's not us. Some are the country, honky-tonking studio band type. Again, not us. We sing many of the songs you would find on K-love radio but also sing the traditional songs that we have handed down to our children for generations.

4) Are you going to ask for my money?

No! But we will offer you the chance to give to something that matters. We receive an offering to help spread the message of Jesus.  It goes to people working around the world and to support our ministries right in your region.  It is an act of worship, a way to say thank you to God who gives us everything. 

5) And my kids...what about my kids?

We have children environments for babies thru 4th grade on Sunday morning. All students 5th-12th grade are expected to sit with their parents and learn in our adult worship gathering. Our qualified family ministry team is willing and ready to receive your kids for the hour you are in the gathering so you can focus and they can particiapte in a lesson directed for them.

6) I have been to other churches and they believe things I don't agree with. What does your church believe?

You can look over our Faith Statement and read the gospel before you come. Our pastor received his undergraduate degree in pastoral ministry from Cedarville University. He went on to do graduate work at Liberty Theological Seminiary and completed his Master of Divinity at Regent University. He has also been ordained by the Christian and Missionary Alliance. You can listen to Pastor Paul's messages here and/or read thoughts from his journal.

When you come look for our guest welcome center and a team member will help you get around, find what you are looking for, and answer any questions. It is your jounrey and we would be happy to be a part of it.