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What to Expect

What to Expect

Thank you for visiting our internet home.

Storms come in many types; rainy, thunderous, windy, dark. Some can be peacful but others can be terrifying. No matter how great the weather outside gets nothing upsets life like the storms within; emotional storms, financial fallout, relational whirlwinds, and spiritual torments.

Jesus said there are two ways to face life's storms (Matt 7:24-27). One way is building your life on Jesus and this is like a house built on rock. The other way to live is without Jesus. This is building a house on shifting sand.

You may have come here by accident or you may have come because you are looking for a safeplace out of the rain. You feel drenched by life, covered by mud, and no where near presentable. You are welcome either way. You may be here because you are thinking about being a guest at one of our weekend services.  This is what you can expect;

  • Openness- our door is open to you no matter what brought here or what you may be carrying.
  • Repect- you are a human being.  You are on a journey and you may have questions like everyone else.
  • Care- Jesus came to help people. We, as his followers, want to help you in any way possible.
  • Honesty- we are an evangelical church building our lives on Jesus Christ based on the Bible. This means we are not the church for everyone but we do stand for something. Please read our Statement of Faith and doctrine for more specific positions of House On the Rock.

If you come to a worship gathering there are some specific aspects of our church that may be helpful for you;

  1. We spend our time worshipping God. We sing songs similar to the style you would hear on many popular christian radio stations. We spend time opening the Bible, praying, and giving to the work God is doing. You are welcome to find a comfortable chair and particiate at the level that feels best.
  2. We care about community. We care about growing in relationship with those in our church family and meeting new people. If you visit be sure to look for our connection point in the gathering area.  They would love to show you around.
  3. We believe that God loves families, helping them thrive no matter the storm. We have classes for nursery and elementary ages that meet during our adult gatherings. Kids need to learn about Jesus and our quality volunteers love sharing with them.

Visiting a church is a big decision.  It can be intimidating.  Go at your pace, but feel free to come out of the storm. We are not perfect- we are building our lives on Jesus.