Who is House On the Rock?

House On the Rock is a fellowship of people from all over the region building their lives on Jesus Christ.  We have found the hope that only God gives and we live to help others find that same security and assurance.

As a church some may describe us as evangelical, non-denominational, or contemporary.  Still, it is hard to sum up any family with just a few words.  The best thing for you is to keep looking around our internet home.  Share any needs. Maybe visit one of our gatherings. Read our core beliefs. You can always drop us a line at info@whoishouseontherock.com.  You can also subscribe to lessons, messages, and more teaching content right on your personal devices. If you want to discover even more about House On the Rock then follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter.

A note from our Pastor.

We took the boys to tour the deck of the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk. We were on vacation and I was completing graduate work in Virginia Beach. Standing on the deck you are overcome with the size, symbolism, and power of the boat. You feel like you are surrounded by something much bigger than yourself.  You are part of something historical, and it will go on after you.  That is the way I feel about our church family at House On the Rock.  

Like the USS Wisconsin we have been sent out to declare deliverance, find the lost, and fight for freedom.  It is a message and mission much bigger than just one church, but God has called us to it. Storms come.  Lives wreck on the reefs. People need a place to know that God is incharge and they aren't fighting the waves alone.

From Elise, our three boys (Lucas, Aiden, and Jackson), and myself we thank you for visiting. Build your life on Jesus. We look forward to meeting you.